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A New Update...

From Weather Underground
We heard from many, many of you about how much you like and rely on our webcam product. So we will not discontinue the product as we stated in November. We will continue to allow users to add webcams to the Weather Underground network and everyone can view images from connected webcams.

WU says goodbye to WebCams

Read the article here...
After 10 years of proudly displaying your webcam footage across our website and apps, we sadly have to remove this functionality as we no longer have the necessary resources to maintain it. On December 15, 2017, we’ll remove the webcam feeds from our website, mobile apps, and within our API – meaning uploading and accessing webcam footage will no longer be available.


Home Weather Station

I'm trying out a new Weather Interface. Basically it's a .php template created by Weather34 called HomeWeatherStation.
It pulls in information from the clientraw.txt file generated by Weather Display.
The interface is compact and has lots of extra menu items already built in.
Let me know what you think…

The Cottage Weather station...

Last weekend I installed the Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Station at the cottage.
At the moment it is on the roof of the shed which is about 7ft. off the ground. When it gets warmer I will mount it around 20ft. higher on the TV Tower to get better wind speed and direction readings..


It's now on Weather Underground as IHALDIMA4 and, so far it seems to be working.

Acurite Atlas

Acurite announced a new series of Weather Stations due out later this year. The Atlas Family of products.
Acurite Atlas

They look pretty promising…

Another Weather Station

Today I picked up another Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Station for installation at the Cottage. This cost $49.97CDN at Costco in Ajax.
Although this is an older model and will be replaced by the Acurite Atlas later this year, it's still a great deal.

The identical Station is on sale for $169.98US on the Acurite website. Rush out and pick one up.
Quite the savings…

Weather Underground Upgrades...

Weather Underground
Weather Underground has now unveiled a new and improved format that displays Wind and Weather conditions for any location in the world. It has "Full Screen Weather", which allows you to zoom in on the Google Maps interface and view Weather Information from over 16,000 personal weather stations. The settings available in the drop down menus also include the ability to view Weather Alerts, Web Cams, Windspeed, Wind Direction and allow you to move the info boxes around on your screen. A welcome addition to our Forecasting Tools...


A Spring Snowstorm...

After some relatively decent weather, I woke up on Wednesday morning to a Spring Snowstorm. Overnight, the NE winds had kicked up quite a swell and generated some messy, but decent size waves. In the late afternoon, the wind switched to a more Northerly direction and the waves cleaned up nicely. Kristoffer and I headed down to our local break and surfed until dark. The break on the West side of the Gazebo was working for a change, and we scored some nice lefts there. I heard that a couple of guys who surfed "The Cove" got stuck down there, and couldn't make it out until the hill got ploughed...
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The "Blizzard of Oz"...

Well, the much hyped "Blizzard of Oz" was in fact a bit of a let-down. I woke up this morning expecting to find around 30cm of snow on the driveway but barely had to shovel. Took a walk down to the Lake to check out the surf, but the shoreline is completely iced up and if you did manage to get into the water and paddle out past the floating snowballs, you would never be able to get back to the shore again. Check out the GoPro Video to see what I mean. Pity I had one of my gloved fingers in the foreground of the video, but in future I will try to avoid doing that. Also took a couple of pics which can be viewed here. A little more snow fell this afternoon, but nothing significant...

Gale Warning in effect...

Looks like this will be an interesting couple of days.
Gale warning in effect.
Today Tonight and Wednesday
Wind light increasing to east 15 knots near noon and to 25 this afternoon. Wind veering to south 20 overnight then to southwest 20 Wednesday morning. Wind increasing to west 35 near noon Wednesday then diminishing to 25 Wednesday evening.
Today Tonight and Wednesday
Waves less than 1 metre building to 1 this morning and to 2 early this evening. Waves building to 3 near noon Wednesday.

Mobile Weather...

For those of you who have an iPhone, iPod Touch or a phone with a web browser, here is a link to Mobile Weather Display Live. Real time streaming weather updates from my Weather Station at Port Union Road. Also available are phone links for the Web Cams.
The Sony Camcorder, The iSight Camera and The Test Cam.
Send me an email or feel free to donate something if you find these additions at all useful...

Software Upgrades

I have upgraded the software that runs the Weather Station to the latest version. This upgrade included new dials for the Wind Direction, Wind Speed and Wind Gust gauges in Weather Display Live. The gauges on the Weather Display Software have also changed. They look a little easier to read. Also, the construction of the GO Parking Lot is well under way and is scheduled to be completed around the end of December.

Click on the image for a larger view.


The Anemometer Platform...

It looks like construction of the Wind Research Platform has started. This morning while checking out the potential for surf, I saw a rig off the Scarborough Bluffs. Toronto Hydro is testing for the viability of installing a wind farm with up to 60 turbines that would stretch from Ajax to the Leslie Street Spit. Read the article published in “Inside Toronto” for more information. I don’t think this will impact the surf in our area, and it would be interesting if we could tap into the anemometer readings. Once the installation is complete and the device is up and running, Toronto Hydro will provide updates on a quarterly basis on its website at

Weather Display

A new page has been added for Weather Display. Basically this is a screenshot from the PC of the daily conditions reported from the 1-Wire Weather Station on my roof. It should update every 10 minutes.


iWindsurf Web Cam Link has added a link to my Web Cam. It can be found here.
Looks like a first for Ontario.


Marine Weather Update

Environment Canada has updated the Marine Forecast site.


Home Weather Center

I started running Home Weather Center. It records the weather history at Port Union Road. Bluffers Yacht Club has a Weather Station, so I will add that as well.

Weather Station Woes

The Weather Station is suffering the effects of our recent snowstorms. Will have to wait for a thaw, as I'm not going to try to climb onto the roof to fix it.

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