The First Flight...

First flight with the DJI Spark. Beginner Mode with the Prop Guards on. Distance: 77m, Alt: 19m and Time: 4minutes. Fingers were really cold on the joysticks. A success, but nervous as hell. More to come…


The DJI Spark

 The DJI Spark Flymore Package. A Christmas present to myself.
I've taken it out of the box, updated the Firmware, read the instructions, removed the propellors and played with it. I am still too intimidated to actually try flying it...


Weather Underground Cams

A New Update...

From Weather Underground
We heard from many, many of you about how much you like and rely on our webcam product. So we will not discontinue the product as we stated in November. We will continue to allow users to add webcams to the Weather Underground network and everyone can view images from connected webcams.

WU says goodbye to WebCams

Read the article here...
After 10 years of proudly displaying your webcam footage across our website and apps, we sadly have to remove this functionality as we no longer have the necessary resources to maintain it. On December 15, 2017, we’ll remove the webcam feeds from our website, mobile apps, and within our API – meaning uploading and accessing webcam footage will no longer be available.


The HoverCraft...

I've ordered a Jimmy Lewis HoverCraft from Lee. This is a Foil Board for SUP and Windsurfing. It should be delivered in the Spring of 2018.
Paired with a Maliko GoFoil this should be a lot of fun on Lake Erie in light winds.


Home Weather Station

I'm trying out a new Weather Interface. Basically it's a .php template created by Weather34 called HomeWeatherStation.
It pulls in information from the clientraw.txt file generated by Weather Display.
The interface is compact and has lots of extra menu items already built in.
Let me know what you think…

The Cottage Weather station...

Last weekend I installed the Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Station at the cottage.
At the moment it is on the roof of the shed which is about 7ft. off the ground. When it gets warmer I will mount it around 20ft. higher on the TV Tower to get better wind speed and direction readings..


It's now on Weather Underground as IHALDIMA4 and, so far it seems to be working.

Winter Surfing in Toronto...

I was mentioned, along with a couple of my friends in an article about Winter Surfing in the Great Lakes that was published in the "Toronto Star" last Saturday, 4th March 2017.
The Webcams and Weather Station were also mentioned.
Check out the full article article here

Acurite Atlas

Acurite announced a new series of Weather Stations due out later this year. The Atlas Family of products.
Acurite Atlas

They look pretty promising…


I have 4 Cameras connected to an old DVR and could only connect and view them locally using Internet Explorer.
I found a program on the App Store called zMeyePlus that will allow me to connect to the DVR from my iPhone.
So far I can only connect locally but am working on a Cellular fix…
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